John Payne

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Born on March 4 1968 in Whittier California graduated high school from West Covina high school in 1987 Received a bachelor of Arts in Bible from Oklahoma Christian in 1991 Received a Master's in ministry from Oklahoma Christian in 1994. Has been the pulpit minister in Ripley, Ok;   Seiling, OK; Crowley, TX; Gorman, TX; and has been at  Sanger Church of Christ since 1997.
John started preaching on occasion while still in high school. He began a weekly preaching position while still in college in 1990 and went right to a full time position upon graduation. He has never wanted anything less than to be the preacher of a congregation even when his professors said he would have to start in youth ministry. He proved them wrong and worked with a smaller congregation ministering to all ages and offering special opprotunities for the youth including putting on a youth rally with Don Williams and taking and preparing the Gorman and Sanger youth to Leadership Training for Christ conventions in Dallas.
John's parents work with the Henderson TX church of Christ in Henderson, TX. Bob, his dad, has been a minister since John was around 4 years old. His younger sister Jackie's husband Dustin Gist is the family minister for the church of Christ in Conroe, TX.
He also has an older sister from Conroe and a younger brother from San Antonio.
John also started as a voluteer fireman when he lived in Gorman,TX. He was able to continue this interest in Sanger for many years and also earned EMT credentials while volunteering in Sanger. He currently works part time as an EMT in Krum and is a volunteer fireman there.
John married Dawn Pryor in December of 1989. They have three children-Nathan, Alissa and Natalie. Dawn is a fourth grade teacher at Clear Creek in Sanger.  John enjoys boating, camping, building or fixing almost anything and Words with friends on his I phone.
John's other talents and interests include:sports, hunting, fishing,